Writing 101 – Day Thirteen

I’ve just closed my eyes for a second and thought of something I found…

Today’s assignment: ‘Serially found’ –  Today’s Prompt: write about finding something.


” A table for two “

It was late in the evening and I was just happy that we’ve all made it…we were together, feeling happy, enjoying the music and silly jokes.

One of my colleague brought some of her friends along…more the merrier.

“ I always like to meet new people “, thought that crossed my mind.


…and here he was!

I don’t seem to remember the moment I saw him for the first time, but I can still feel his arms around me when he asked me to dance.

Do you know that feeling when everything seems to be in the right place?…it’s like the whole Universe smiles down on you while holding your hand…guiding you towards the unknown and you don’t seem to mind, because you know deep inside, that is the road you should be on…


Love it’s a strange thing… people talk about love at first sight, that uncontrollable feeling of desiring someone with your heart and body…like an every day thing; it’s really not!

People connect with one another on a deeper level…that first look it’s like an invisible bridge we build in seconds hoping that what’s on the other side it’s mainly a reflection of our own soul…yes, because finding love it’s like discovering the other half of your soul, the part that we’ve been missing and need to have in order to be truly happy.

I want to talk about love at first story, because that is one of the reasons I fell in love and found what’s on the other side of that bridge…a part of me I didn’t know I was missing.


We’ve sat down and started talking…and out of nowhere I found myself listening to a story from his childhood…a story that made me want to go back in time and just hug that sweet boy…

I smiled and thought about the last time I felt close to anyone…couldn’t remember!

It took another week until I saw him again…we thought to go back where we first met:)

We were already celebrating the past…that magic that brought us together in the same place at the right time.

But this time, it was ‘table for two’…a bottle of wine and loads of laughter.

I still remember the first kiss…the first beat of my heart when I knew I found love…

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 21.39.26

Picture, courtesy of The Daily Post, Writing 101

Note from the author:

We all find things we are looking for in many different ways…but we always find the one thing we need in only one way…being open to the unknown, believing that what is ours, is put aside somewhere and is waiting for the right time to be discovered.

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