‘Leave your print’

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous “, Coco Chanel

What makes you feel fabulous?

Is it just fashion…is it clothing?

Beauty comes from within, from that feeling of confidence!

That make-up or no make-up, trendy or just casual, sometimes is less important than the image that reflects back, which should always make you smile and feel beautiful:)

On this week’s fashion piece I’ll share with you one of this year’s key styles…you might have it in your wardrobe from years back or it might be that you will fall in love with it…here and now:)

2015-04-12 19.31.28-1

Beautiful prints

Everywhere you look…there they are…flowers, leaves, birds, different design prints in billion of colours. I admit, it’s not for everyone but I do think we all should own one item that has this year’s stamp on it:)

2015-04-19 10.55.56_20150420232527316-1

I love a little bit of colour…not too much or too many at the same time, but beside black and white and all the shades of grey, you do need a splash of YOU…and nothing will make you feel better or even yourself than wearing your favourite colour:)

Next to a print, especially a neutral colour print always put a bit of colour…

But then again, if you page through the latest fashion magazines, you will see that this year, you can wear print with print and denim with denim!

That does not mean you should actually do it:))))

It comes down to preference and taste!

2015-04-19 10.54.36-1

Most of us are a little bit reluctant to wear bright colours or too many flowers…that is ok:) Look around, see what you like, what makes you feel good and wear it!

At the end of the day…trends are here to help you express yourself…how you choose to do it…it’s all up to you!

Have a week in style:)

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