‘Luscious taste’

This week’s recipe it’s just a simple dish that I cook every now and then and I love:)

…and like every person who spends a little time in the kitchen, knows that the best ingredient is love:)

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Chicken liver with pasta


350 g pasta ( the best is made out of durum wheat ),

1 red onion,

300 g chicken liver,

salt, pepper and chilli for taste or decoration.

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Method: Chop the red onion in small pieces, place them in the pan with a bit of vegetable oil and leave them to sweat for 2 minutes. Wash the chicken liver, cut it in small chunks and add everything to the pan.

Use a wooden spoon to mix all ingredients, keep under low heat for 5 minutes then cover all with water and bring to boil. Add the pasta and cover pan with a lid.

Check after 10 minutes, if the pasta it’s not soft enough, add some more water and let it simmer under low heat.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Decorate and serve with colourful chilli bits:)

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Hope you enjoy your weekend:)

Bon appetite:)

‘A touch of gold’

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Early Bird.”

“…looking far in the horizon…the sky seemed to be the way to freedom.

A sweet touch of gold, each morning a new beginning…”


Writing 101 – Day nine

…this morning when I saw the prompt I wasn’t sure which road to take…just one end from one angle or take the challenge of different perspectives; but then again I am not the girl who says ‘no’ to a dare:)))

So here is my version of the story…enjoy reading!

Today’s assignment: ‘Point of view’ – A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene.

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‘ The wonderful circle of life ‘


It was early in the morning, everyone was still asleep…the only sound one could hear were Katherine’s footsteps across the kitchen floor going towards the door.

She could never sleep past six o’clock, even on a Saturday, but today was a special day so she was more excited than ever…just a few hours ago she became a grandmother and she couldn’t think of anything else but how she will care and love that baby ’til the end of time.

She decided that the best way to pass the time until her daughter will arrive home from the hospital was a morning walk in the park, maybe even finish knitting that small red sweater she wanted to give as a special gift for her newborn grandchild.

The knitted sweaters were a family tradition, nobody ever wore them but there were kept forever as a sign of great love that tied all the generations through time. Katherine used to tell stories about this family habit, why each member received a different colour and how this had a deeper meaning as it was believed to have strong connection to one’s destiny.

She always used to say that she had the gift of seeing people’s auras and see the possible future one could have, even before they were born.

This time she chose red…red for passion and devotion.

She walked for a while through the park and found a good place where she could sit and finish knitting…the sun was getting warmer and slowly the park was filled with sounds of dogs barking, early morning runners, young and old couples holding hands.

Katherine didn’t pay much attention to anyone specific as her mind was far away in the future, imaging new destinies being born…until, she caught a glimpse of a man with tears in his eyes, just a few steps further from the bench she was sitting on.

For a moment she felt so much sadness…”What could have happened?”…but then she thought maybe their were tears of happiness…”Yes..it’s better to think positive”, she said to herself…


She couldn’t sleep all night…she wanted to tell him so many times but none of those times were right, something was missing.

Kate spent the night thinking about the perfect scenario, the perfect place were she could tell him that their life it’s about to change in the most wonderful way.

…and there it was, the perfect place, right in front of her eyes…she was looking at an old picture taken on the bench, near the lake, where their first told each other how they feel and he got down on his knees and gave her his heart and soul…’how could I’ve missed that?’, she was thinking.

Right…now the question was, how would she convince him to take an early morning walk through the park to the lake?

She had to come up with something really fast as it was nearly eight o’clock and the alarm will soon go off…

She got dressed up, made coffee and waited for him outside on the balcony…this was their morning ritual…trying to absorb the sunshine as much as possible before starting a new day.

Kate made herself a hot chocolate as her doctor advised her to try to give up caffeine while she was pregnant…yes, SHE WAS PREGNANT and for the first time in a while she felt that the Universe looked down on them and smiled again.

This past year wasn’t the easiest for them…with his loss and trying so hard to overcome it; her promotion which took her away from home even more every day…their plan to start a family was put on hold.

…but than something amazing happened…they’ve stopped thinking about it too much and let destiny run its course and now finally what they’ve dreamed off for so long was coming true.

Kate just asked smiling if he would take a walk with her this morning as it was a beautiful day and she missed sitting on the bench, looking at the water and just be together…he was surprised but didn’t question too much as he felt a walk would clear his mind a bit as well.

They were holding hands…she was feeling like a teenager again but all she could think of was how to get there faster, sit down, look into his eyes and tell him the good news.

They’ve passed a sweet lady sitting on the bench, knitting…Kate didn’t pay much attention to it until she saw tears in his eyes.

She looked again at the lady who probably was a grandmother…she assumed…as she was knitting a small red sweater…

…THE RED SWEATER…everything came back to her, she had realised why he got so emotional, she remembered seeing an old picture with his family where his sister was wearing a very similar red sweater.

She was holding his hand a little bit tighter hoping he knew that she was there for him and she understood the pain he was going through…


The past few months were especially hard for Kyle…

He didn’t know how to deal with this shocking loss, so for a while he suffered in silence, until Kate made him open up and share what he was feeling.

The sudden death of his little sister was like a dark black cloud hovering over the whole family and everyone had their own way of dealing with it…his mum didn’t speak for a whole month after the funeral, she spent her days going through all the family albums and crying; his father went every single day to her grave, still having long conversations as they’ve used to have every weekend when she came home…Kyle seemed to be the only one whose perfect routine wasn’t affected by what happened…or so it looked like.

…they’ve used to share everything growing up and he always felt very protective of her, not because she was younger but more because she always seemed to be a little bit too reckless.

He felt guilty…and Kate noticed that right away!

The days just flew by… but every night he would sit in front of the TV, without turning it on, looking into the empty black screen, holding a picture from their childhood in his hands.

For a while Kate let him be and allowed him to suffer in peace until one day when with an unseen rage he smashed the TV screen with the picture frame…he kneeled on the floor and couldn’t stop crying…

It was the first time when he let himself really grieve and Kate knew that the healing had begun…she’d hold him in her arms until the sunrise that night and she felt the pain that his heart was struggling with.

It’s been half a year since then and slowly his soul was healing…the days seemed brighter and he stopped feeling guilty every time he wanted to smile…every now and then there were small things that made him remember the past and even if the pain was unbearable, he didn’t want to forget her… ever.

That morning was one of those moments…that random small knitted sweater in hand of a stranger brought back memories…his eyes were full of tears because every day he was realising how much he was still missing her.

The slight squeeze of his hands he felt coming from Kate was an assurance that it’s ok to feel like this and that the pain will go away with time being replaced just by those wonderful memories that now were a cause of his pain.


Katherine finished knitting that small red sweater and she felt an overwhelming happiness but in the back of her mind she still saw that image of a stranger with tears in his eyes…

Little did she know that walking back she will pass the lake where Kate and Kyle were sitting on their bench full of memories.

She didn’t hear what Kate was telling Kyle but she saw a light coming back to his eyes and tears dropping down…this time she was sure they were tears of happiness.

Kate had a special aura around her and somehow Katherine felt unburdened and free to feel her own joy.

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Picture, courtesy of The Daily Post, Writing 101

Note from the author:

I’ve never been emotional while writing but for some reason this story brought me happiness and pain, all at the same time.

What is the circle of life for you? I’ve discovered that everything around us has a reason to be or not be and every moment we spend questioning things that are out of our control it’s wasting precious time that we could spend being happy.

I am very proud of this post and hope you’ve enjoyed it as well.