Writing 101 – Day seven

I can’t believe sometimes that I’ve made it so far…yes I know it’s not even half way there but still…very proud of myself:)))

Today’s assignment: ‘Give and Take’ – Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.

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‘The matching opposites’


She was always very stubborn…

When she was five, she had some friends over and everything was perfect until one of the other children asked her to share the toys…imagine the end of the world and more…

Growing up she learned to give more and it had nothing to do with any tough lesson she learned…it was just the way she was.

But even as an adult she never stopped being strong-willed…it was her way or the high way.

When she was wrong, there was never an issue to admit it but when she knew the truth was on her side, she would never let it go!

It was somehow inspiring because she never stopped fighting for what she believed in or anything she planned to achieve…there was no challenge she wouldn’t show up to.

That’s how she met him…the ultimate opposite and the perfect match.


He was a gentleman…

In the old times, he would be the knight on a white horse…the prince waiting at castle’s entrance…

Imagine someone with an amazing heart, ready to give it away if that would make her smile just once!

He was her silence between the screams…her comfort in the storm…her smile through the tears and her peace in the war…


You may ask yourself why opposites attract?

The perfect plus and minus come together to achieve a common ground – zero…

That common ground is love…because there is no answer to why or how…love just is…

It doesn’t need explanations or theories …big discoveries or proof!

The contrast creates a whole…the perfect match!

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Picture, courtesy of The Daily Post, Writing 101

Note from the author:

Love lives between the givers and the takers…some of us will have so much love to give and the rest of us will take because we need to…but never forget that our existence depends on the amount we share:)