‘Be beautiful and free’

” Fashion should make you happy, beautiful and free”

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I’ve been relaxing with a cup of mocha and Vogue…sometimes I think fashion is too much…too many trends and styles piled up, but then I turn the page and I discover something beautiful that makes me dream…makes me feel good being me:)

I look at fashion as art…everything sends a message!

Each piece of clothing has a story to tell or it’s getting ready to be part of one.

I believe that we do dress how we feel…casual for comfort because you feel relaxed; colourful for vibes that show off your personality; sexy for turning heads because you feel confident…

No matter what style or trend you follow, your wardrobe will reflect your aura!

So, what will be your mood this week?

Maybe, shades of grey?

2015-04-12 18.59.15-1

Black and white are so in this summer but grey is slowly finding its way back into our collections…I do love a little bit of grey, usually I choose to wear it when I cannot decide…so shades of grey for me is…”undecided” :))


Loving a little bit of lace:)

This spring brought back some of my old-time favourites…lively colours, knee-length skirts and the classic lace. I already have all I need to be happy:)))

Introduce this season’s VIP pieces to your wardrobe and see what happens…you might like the result!

Be bold, be different, be you:)

Let's have a conversation:)

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