‘Be beautiful and free’

” Fashion should make you happy, beautiful and free”

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I’ve been relaxing with a cup of mocha and Vogue…sometimes I think fashion is too much…too many trends and styles piled up, but then I turn the page and I discover something beautiful that makes me dream…makes me feel good being me:)

I look at fashion as art…everything sends a message!

Each piece of clothing has a story to tell or it’s getting ready to be part of one.

I believe that we do dress how we feel…casual for comfort because you feel relaxed; colourful for vibes that show off your personality; sexy for turning heads because you feel confident…

No matter what style or trend you follow, your wardrobe will reflect your aura!

So, what will be your mood this week?

Maybe, shades of grey?

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Black and white are so in this summer but grey is slowly finding its way back into our collections…I do love a little bit of grey, usually I choose to wear it when I cannot decide…so shades of grey for me is…”undecided” :))


Loving a little bit of lace:)

This spring brought back some of my old-time favourites…lively colours, knee-length skirts and the classic lace. I already have all I need to be happy:)))

Introduce this season’s VIP pieces to your wardrobe and see what happens…you might like the result!

Be bold, be different, be you:)

‘The tree with a thousand stories’


Story 2


“ You can find what you’re looking for in the most familiar places…”


He always wanted to be a writer …it was his only dream.

But life never seemed to open the right doors for him…there were tens of rejection letters from different book publications, none of them with a straight forward answer as why they didn’t like his work or why it wasn’t ready to be published.

These constant failures didn’t seem to stop him from writing, he truly believed that this was the reason he was born, to enlighten the world through his words.

He never wanted the glory or the fame of a successful writer, who constantly travels to promote his work, to sign his books for his bellowed readers…he wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, he wanted his work to be the only thing he would leave behind once he would die, maybe a legacy of hope.

He lived in the same town all his life and his family fortune gave him freedom to pursue his dream without worrying about money or how tomorrow’s day will look like.

People always say, “ you can never have everything “…but what does everything means?

Maybe for him everything was his work…so without it, he had nothing!

For others he seemed to have everything…a wealthy family, his health, great opportunities to follow in his father’s footstep and become the new CEO of a successful Investment Company.

He sometimes contemplated on this for long hours…how his life has had two completely different angles, why is it that he could not see what others saw – an amazing life, maybe because what he had wasn’t ever what he really wanted…but then would he be happier as an accomplished writer but poor?!

These were always questions that troubled him deeply…

…he had one place, where all his troubles seemed to go away; he went there almost every day, just before sunrise, when the air was just a little bit cold but made him feel more alive than anything else.

It was far from the house and it always took a few deep breath to climb up the hill, but once he reached the tree, it felt like he arrived home…a place that made him feel safe and protected.

He never brought his work with him here…for so many years he wanted to keep this place untainted by failure and disappointment, so he never used to write or think about writing…

It was the single place in the world where he could be him, without the need of feeling happy and loved or rejected and un-accomplished.

He used to watch the sunrise an imagine his life from different perspectives…he never thought he was unhappy…his parents loved him dearly and made an effort to show him, but never really tried to understand him; they’ve already planned his life from the moment his was born, what he will study, what would he become, who will he marry…

Years were passing quickly and somehow he got lost in all these unwritten plans…he lost himself and suddenly felt like his life doesn’t make sense anymore.

Maybe this was the reason his writing wasn’t what it should be…

Who was he?

Maybe he just couldn’t see what was wrong or maybe he needed to find himself somehow, to resurface to life and allow himself to live again…accepting all that he was.


For no reason he could think off…today he brought his notebook with him.

It was especially hard to get to his spot as it rained all night and the grass was wet and slippery…today he felt somehow different.

After years of trying to understand his life and find a way of feeling worthy of it…today he felt he had the courage to take a different step.

When he reached the tree he felt out of breath but all he wanted was to sit down on the blanket and write…there were so many ideas in his head, all completely different from anything he ever wrote before, but that made him even more eager and excited…

….Excited…it was a while since he felt this way; maybe today could be the first day of the rest of his life!

The sun was rising and everything around it seemed to slowly come to life…and with it a new writer was born!

A writer, who’s name would be carved in the trunk of that tree for eternity…

 Note from the author:

Life sometimes plays around… it makes dull things exciting and bright things less interesting. We all are on a journey of discovery…of ourselves and of each other.

Not everything is what it seems and it’s our destiny to find that time and that place that brings out the best in us.

Inspiration is everywhere…if you’re a writer, a painter or just someone who’s looking for something more…

Our dreams and hidden desires are just next to us, waiting to be revealed…