‘Wicker Park’

” When love finds you, there is nowhere to hide”

I saw this movie many years ago and it became a part of my collection, not because is a love story, but because it proves that some things in life are meant to be and no matter how many obstacle we face or others build in front of us…what once was written, it will happen.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 08.09.53

Picture, courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

Director: Paul McGuigan

Writers: Gilles Mimouni, Brandon Boyce

Lead actors: Josh Hartnett, Diane Kruger

2004 Drama, Mystery, Romance

Some will say it’s a love story, I am not going to deny that, but there is so much more to this movie than just two hearts coming together and sharing something not all of us can understand.

Matthew and Lisa are your everyday madly in love couple until one day Lisa vanishes without a trace…after years, the search becomes an obsession and the truth reveals itself…

…a story about desire, envy, loneliness, lies and blood written destiny.

If you enjoy a love story with a twist…if you want your mind to spin in a surprising and pleasurable way…if you want complicated to unveil faith …this is the movie for you:)

Enjoy the vision of a story told masterfully!

10 thoughts on “‘Wicker Park’”

  1. Love story, girl disappearing, too much gone girliness in it……..
    Hope the movie isn’t as HORRIBLE as gone girl!


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