‘Late evening delight’

I was thinking what should I post this week under amazing recipes…so I think it’s time to take a break from delicious desserts and delight ourselves with more savoury bits:)


Healthy stir fry

Ingredients: 400 g egg noodles, half red pepper, 1/4 onion, spinach, 1 grated carrot, 200 g baby corn, 250 g chicken breast, 100 g curly kale…and any other veggie you love:))), salt and pepper, soy sauce.


Method: I usually cut everything very nice and fine, the chicken breast you can cut it in cubes and add salt and pepper, place them into a plastic bowl and pour a bit of soy sauce on them – leave it for 10 minutes before you add everything into a hot pan.

First I put the chicken into a hot pan with a bit of vegetable oil, fry it for about 5 minutes, then add all the cut up veggies, if needed for taste add salt and pepper again but do not forget the chicken already was flavoured.


Stir fry everything for about 10 minutes, than you are ready to add the noodles…now I’ve cheated a little bit this time and bought ready-made egg noodles:), you can make your own or buy some, either way they will taste really good!

Toss and turn everything in the pan for about 5 more minutes, for all the flavours to come together…and you’re done!

If you never try this before, I would definitely advise you to cook it!

For me it’s very easy to do, it’s healthy and it tastes so so good:)

Bon appetite, enjoy:)

19 thoughts on “‘Late evening delight’”

  1. I’m usually not a big fan of stir fry. Most people I know throw broccoli and cauliflower into their’s. This sounds more inline with my tastes. I’ll have to remember to try this out. Thanks for sharing.


      1. Whenever you say I’m being funny, it seriously feels you’re my own fake account 😛
        As i said, i SERIOUSLY had a heavy dinner (not joking here)….. so reading the post will SERIOUSLY give me a stomach ache….. (ahh too much good food, dayum those pic *sigh*)…. so will read the recipe later….. it’s not as if I’m gonna cook anyways….. 😛


      2. :)))))))) well I hope you enjoyed your dinner…and thanks for stopping by mine:) Who ever says you’re not funny…probably never met sarcasm with a smile…lol

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