‘The tree with a thousand stories’

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Story 1

One place in time

“ If you would have to choose one place to go back in time, where would it be?”

…it was a quiet evening, the sunset was as beautiful as ever…

The sun always seemed to rise and hide behind the same tree, giving the impression of a special place. Looking from the distance it appeared to be a lonely tree but as soon as you got closer it gave you a feeling of love and protection.

With time it became a place where young love was born, where dreams were carved and million of promises were made…

It was the oldest tree in the area and it looked out-of-place between the rest…maybe because of its shape or all the history that was sculpted in it.

People got used to it, it was a place for everyone and anyone from loving couples, playful children, writers looking for inspiration to lonely souls seeking embrace, tired legs wanting a moment of rest or suffering tears living in silence.

Its trunk was a book of feelings, stories never told but maybe imagined, a page of pure human nature without metaphors.


She was running as fast as she could…her hair was one with the wind…

He was trying to keep up, his knees were getting weaker and weaker…he had to stop to catch his breath.

“ I won again…”, she was yelling as she reached the tree.

She was breathing heavily but couldn’t stop smiling as she set down on the grass, resting her whole body on one side of the trunk.

Eventually, he made it …he threw himself next to her, laughing.

“You always make me do this…why?”

“It just makes me feel alive and it’s fun, don’t you think?”, she answered kissing him on the cheeks.

“It’s fun because you always win…”, he would have done it a million times more, just to see her smile.

They set in silence for a few moments just breathing in the fresh air and admiring the sunset, when she suddenly jump up and looked around with curious eyes.

“I have an idea…let’s make this our own special place”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to carve our names into the tree…so we would always remember this moment”

He loved her dearly and for him every minute they’ve spent together was special, he couldn’t have forgotten one second even if he would want to, but there was nothing in this world he wouldn’t do to make her happy.

“Let me find something sharp”

She was watching with sparkles in her eyes and excitement in every bone of her body, while he was carving their names in the tree…she put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes:

“Promise me…we would always feel this way”

He stopped…took her hand and kissed her gently on the lips:

“You know I love you, don’t you?”

She felt embarrassed, her cheeks turned rosy-red…she wanted to look away.

“I know…”, she said with a low voice.

“I promise…that whatever the future brings, we would always have this moment, here…right now”

She hugged him as tight as she could and for that moment she felt the happiest person alive.

They both looked at the carving…it was a statement of their love that will be there for many years to come…it will never disappear, just like their feelings for each other.

Note from the author:

My intention for this month’s story it’s to capture single moments in time about human experiences linked to one place…the purpose is to show how we all are connected by feelings, thoughts and events in our lives.

The floor is open to everyone…you can share a short story and link it to this post…first story written, 999 to go:)

Happy writing!

2 thoughts on “‘The tree with a thousand stories’”

  1. Thank you so much for you lovely words:) thank you for coming and reading my post…it feels really great to be appreciated!
    There is more coming…hope it will excite even more:)


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