‘What makes a man sexy?’

“Guys don’t need a lot of choices, they need the right choice.” Sid Mashburn


I will be honest…I love a man with a bow tie, I find it really sexy:)

For me accessories are everything, you need only one piece and everything else can be built around it!

But I don’t think men are affected by fashion as much as women…

What makes a man sexy it’s more about attitude and personality than what he wears!

Yes, we like with our eyes but what makes us stay is definitely not the look:)…or…

2015-02-15 14.46.16

Does a suit looks better than a pair of jeans?

It all comes down to how you accessories…and I am not talking about sunglasses or expensive watches:)

Men accessorize with allure…confidence and humour!

We all know it and still keep asking the same questions…what do women like?

We love what’s simple…what’s looking good because it feels good…what’s making us smile…and what gives you, men, the courage to risk it all for us:)

A little secret…women don’t dress up for men, we dress up because we feel good being us!

2015-02-08 16.31.24

It’s all about one single piece:)

I build a look around one item…a nail polish…a lipstick…a pair of heels or an eyeshadow!

Sometimes it’s just the colour, it’s the idea that decides the style.

That one piece of fashion it’s always an extension of you, even if you don’t realise, what you wear as a whole

it’s just the other side of the coin!

Enjoy a week in style!