‘Counting stars’ Day 3…4,5



 Day 3…4,5

“ For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream” Vincent Van Gogh

 They didn’t really speak too much on the way into town, Henry tried to think of what to say, Sophie felt alone and so far from home.

When Henry introduced himself again, Sophie did not hesitate to say her name, she was somehow more sure of herself, even if her true identity was unknown to Henry, she seemed willing to open up slightly.

Her kind always was a mystery to people, always raising questions, looking for meaning but never really discovering their true purpose.

She was raised by two amazing parents who taught her everything she needed to know to be the best and shine brighter each day and when the time came for her to leave everything she ever known, there were still so many questions that weren’t answered… She knew her destiny was far away and she had to pursue it but it’s harder when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

‘Everything will be revealed when the time is right’, her father used to say.

‘It’s better to enjoy the journey and be open to all possibilities…our destiny is the reward for all the challenges we meet along the way, so always be prepared to expect the unexpected’, her mum was someone very wise and whom found her own faith in a similar journey which she never revealed entirely.

Sophie knew her journey has begun, only if she would know what was she had to discover…’it couldn’t be Henry’, she thought, maybe he was a piece of her puzzle that was slowly coming together.

Henry started to talk about Bridgehollow, of it’s mysteries and especially about the legends of Silver Woods.

Joanne used to put him to sleep when he was little with amazing stories about magical creatures which were born out of those woods and believed to be, now protecting Bridgehollow.

Henry asked Sophie if she would join him for lunch…he was thinking that this time around they could spend more time together and maybe he could figure out what is really happening.

Once arrived into town, they decided to go for a walk, Sophie wanted to see the harbour…look at the sea for the first time from the ground and not from above.

“ Everyone seems to be so friendly around here, It feels like I’ve been here before”, said Sophie smiling.

“ Bridgehollow it’s a special place and we always try to make everyone feel welcomed”, answered Henry with pride in his voice while more questions were queuing in his mind.

He was in love with this place and each summer spent here was an adventure.

They didn’t say much to each other walking towards the harbour…Henry was thinking, he was given a second chance to see Sophie, even if the circumstances were a little bit strange he was just happy; tomorrow might be a day that could change everything.

Sophie’s eyes sparkled when they arrived…she was full of light and serenity, letting the waves take her thoughts far away in the horizon.

“ It’s beautiful…” she was amazed looking towards the sea.

“ You know, it’s the first time I’ve seen the sea like this, it’s so different”, the view from above couldn’t compare to what her eyes were seeing now.

“ So I could guess, you don’t live near the sea?”, said Henry, trying to find out from where she was.

“ No…”, said Sophie without giving more details about herself.

“ I am getting a little bit hungry, would like to have lunch with me or maybe you have other plans?”, asked Henry.

“ Me too, where can we go?”, answered Sophie.

“ There is a bistro in town, which does amazing chicken sandwiches, you will love it”, said Henry very confident knowing yesterdays meal went down a treat. 

They’ve spent the afternoon together, talking about anything and everything. Henry was falling in love slowly but unstoppable with this mysterious creature called Sophie, whom he didn’t know much about but felt like he was waiting all his life for.

Sophie was enjoying his company tremendously and she couldn’t remember the last time she laughed so much…she felt truly happy, a feeling she longed for. She always felt content with her family but something was missing, that feeling when your heart beats faster and you don’t know why, your cheeks get red and warmth embraces your whole body…all these were unknown to her but now somehow made her feel more alive.

They’ve said good-bye just before sundown, Henry asked her again if they would see each other the next day…Sophie did not have an answer, she wasn’t sure if he was part of her journey of discovering destiny or just a pleasant distraction on the way there.

The next few days seemed to be a perfect copy of the previous ones…for five days Henry met Sophie along the road into town; each day he offered her a ride like he met her for the first time, she was sweat and trustworthy but never remembered knowing him from before.

Henry had the impression this might be the moment of magic he was waiting for…what else could it be? He tried to find out more about her from others but no one seemed to know her.

Each morning was like a new beginning of a fable that was written all over again, but each day added something new to their encounter, Henry was discovering new things about Sophie which he will be using the next day to impress her…and somehow he was succeeding because she was shining more and more, smiling with her eyes every time she looked at him, thinking with her heart that was taking control over her slowly.

Henry didn’t mention anything that was happening to him to his grandparents or anyone else, he wasn’t even sure if it was real or not…he always used to have a wide imagination as a child. Growing up he wished for magic to reveal itself to him and maybe now it did.

He tried to tell Sophie a few times what was happening…he wanted to ask her if she really doesn’t remember him at all, but couldn’t gather his courage and even if he would, how would he say it…’ I’ve met you almost a week ago but you don’t seem to remember, each morning we meet in the same place and every day I realise I am falling for you more and more’, this how it sounded in his head but never reached his lips to say it out loud.

Sophie lived each day in Bridgehollow like it was her first, but every time she saw Henry she became more confident in herself, in her surroundings… she thought of home less and less, every minute she spent on the ground, more drawn to it she became.

She was experiencing feelings unknown to her…she didn’t understand why the thought of not seeing him again made her feel sad; she never felt sad before, not even when she was told her journey has begun and she might never return home again.

What changed?

Henry wasn’t the only reason she was happy… the ground was so warm and welcoming, the grass was so soft to her feet, the sea was so near and calming, she could feel its touch and light embrace each time she went to visit.

Each day even if it felt like the first, she was falling more for its touch…

The sixth day Henry decided he will invite Sophie to his grandparents house. 

He was nervous of what they might discover but the desire of sharing with her everything was too great…he asked Joanne and George not to ask too many questions as Sophie is a private person; to accept that he liked her very much and just to be nice to her.

Sophie was a little bit surprised by his invitation…he didn’t know her at all, according to her, but something within her felt drawn to him and after another tour of the town centre  and lunch at the bistro, they’ve went back to his grandparents cottage to spend the afternoon in the garden.

Henry suggested they could paint together… Bridgehollow being such an inspirational place where anything can happen.

…he was right, his mind was full of questions about her and them, but the thought of being touched by magic even slightly meant more to him than discovering the truth about Sophie.

They’ve spent a couple of hours talking and painting…they were happy and for that perfect moment in time when they looked in each others eyes, nothing else existed…it was only them and a beautiful mysterious world just waiting to be discovered.

Later in the evening, Joanne invited them inside for dinner followed by a promise of a story telling with hot chocolate.

According to her it was Henry’s favourite story as child…’The Legend of the falling stars’.

He didn’t seem to remember this one at all…how could he forget it, he knew all the legends by heart?!

The Legend of the falling stars…

Could this answer some of his questions about Sophie?

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