‘Counting stars’ Day 3…4,5



 Day 3…4,5

“ For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream” Vincent Van Gogh

 They didn’t really speak too much on the way into town, Henry tried to think of what to say, Sophie felt alone and so far from home.

When Henry introduced himself again, Sophie did not hesitate to say her name, she was somehow more sure of herself, even if her true identity was unknown to Henry, she seemed willing to open up slightly.

Her kind always was a mystery to people, always raising questions, looking for meaning but never really discovering their true purpose.

She was raised by two amazing parents who taught her everything she needed to know to be the best and shine brighter each day and when the time came for her to leave everything she ever known, there were still so many questions that weren’t answered… She knew her destiny was far away and she had to pursue it but it’s harder when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

‘Everything will be revealed when the time is right’, her father used to say.

‘It’s better to enjoy the journey and be open to all possibilities…our destiny is the reward for all the challenges we meet along the way, so always be prepared to expect the unexpected’, her mum was someone very wise and whom found her own faith in a similar journey which she never revealed entirely.

Sophie knew her journey has begun, only if she would know what was she had to discover…’it couldn’t be Henry’, she thought, maybe he was a piece of her puzzle that was slowly coming together.

Henry started to talk about Bridgehollow, of it’s mysteries and especially about the legends of Silver Woods.

Joanne used to put him to sleep when he was little with amazing stories about magical creatures which were born out of those woods and believed to be, now protecting Bridgehollow.

Henry asked Sophie if she would join him for lunch…he was thinking that this time around they could spend more time together and maybe he could figure out what is really happening.

Once arrived into town, they decided to go for a walk, Sophie wanted to see the harbour…look at the sea for the first time from the ground and not from above.

“ Everyone seems to be so friendly around here, It feels like I’ve been here before”, said Sophie smiling.

“ Bridgehollow it’s a special place and we always try to make everyone feel welcomed”, answered Henry with pride in his voice while more questions were queuing in his mind.

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