‘Spanish cuisine…a new way of life’

” One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well ” Virginia Woolf

As I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this week, I will share with you bits from my travels, most recent – Spain.

I have to give credit where credit is due…spanish cuisine – I don’t think I’ve tasted so many new dishes in one go and enjoyed each and every one of them…I would say that never happened to me as I am a little bit picky with my food. As interesting it may sound…great food and great restaurants – you will not find them in big cities, capitals; amazing food will be cooked in small kitchens, hidden in unknown restaurants and discovered in charming little towns that you stumbled upon by mistake or you were lucky enough to be taken by friends or family.

2015-03-09 19.30.23

Cubelles is small town in Catalonia, in the province of Barcelona, known as well as the birth place of Charlie Rivel, an internationally known circus clown, born in 1896.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 20.20.28

From today onwards, I hope, Cubelles will be known as well for one amazing little restaurant, called Salseta.

2015-03-12 23.11.47

I became the biggest fan of its cuisine… I can’t even explain how amazing their food is, I will try to show you because as you know, pictures are worth a thousand words.

2015-03-17 08.08.09

I know…not everyone is a big fan – just try them, sea snails can be your next favourite snack:)

2015-03-17 08.07.29

Continue with amazing drinks, water coming in a very provocative bottle and the best out of the best… smoked cured ham with tomato and olive oil bread. It is the very best thing you will ever taste.

2015-03-17 08.06.55

Beside the fact that I never had better freshly baked bread, the ‘Pulpo a la gallega’ which is octopus made in the most mouth-watering way…was an interesting encounter.

2015-03-17 08.04.48

Grilled monk-fish with battered artichoke…a new discovery which I might say is not bad at all.

2015-03-17 08.06.31

Mediterranean soup…nothing more exciting:)

Caldereta de cigalas – Langoustine soup…yummyyyy

2015-03-17 08.05.51

This is called ‘merluza a la marinera’ and it was absolutely the best fish ever.


…and to finish it off in style…cheesecake a la Spain:)

We had the best meal of our lives at Salseta and if you ever have the chance to go there, make sure you don’t miss an amazing Sunday afternoon lunch:)

3 thoughts on “‘Spanish cuisine…a new way of life’”

  1. Can’t believe that in your culinary travellers you omitted to mentioned about how most mornings were spent in a very friendly, familiar bakery. Freshly baked chocolate oozing croissants dunked in senses awakening lattes…definitely worth another article xxoo

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