‘Counting stars’ Day 2

” Life gives us endless possibilities to live the magic…it’s our choice to take the journey”

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           Day 2

The ride to the town seemed to last forever…there was a strange feeling that nothing made sense to either of them.

Henry stopped asking questions as there were no answers that made sense anyway, Sophie just didn’t want to talk at all, maybe because she knew more she could reveal.

“ Sorry I didn’t mean to upset you, I just didn’t understand what you’ve meant”, said Henry trying to clear the air.

“ Oh no, I am fine…sorry I am just a little bit confused. I don’t really know this town and unfamiliar places make me act strange sometimes”, answered Sophie.

“ So you’re passing through then, well just so you know Bridgehollow is a great place, almost magical, some would say”, Henry assumed if they will start talking about other things maybe she could find him very interesting.

Sophie didn’t say anything…her mind was full of questions that had no answers at this time; she never left home before and change always scared her.

She remembered hearing stories of others who left home, more than once, of their interesting experiences, of new people they’ve met, of the connections they’ve made and most important of how they fulfilled their destiny.

Was the same thing happening to her?

Was this her destiny…Henry?

She looked at him again…now with curious eyes, hope made way into her heart, that maybe falling wasn’t such a bad thing.

“ So, where should I leave you in town?…I am making some grocery shopping for my grandmother, if you like we can have lunch at Claire’s Bistro, she does an amazing chicken sandwich”, said Henry hoping she will be interested and accept his invitation.

Sophie was thinking she doesn’t know what is the plan here so what harm could it do if she would try and get to know him better.

Henry finished shopping faster than ever…he did have an alternative motive for it, he was very excited to see Sophie again; they’ve agreed to meet in front of the bistro after an hour.

Sophie really wanted to gather her thoughts and try to make sense of it all, so she went for a walk ending up at the harbour pier. The sea seemed so different from here, it looked larger and peaceful, carrying all her worries far away.

“ Beautiful, is it?”, said a strange voice, getting closer and closer.

She was very far within her contemplation and didn’t hear the voice of the man who was walking towards her.

George was walking back from his boat, when he noticed Sophie, she looked lost but somehow at peace watching the waves move along with the wind; the sea made him feel sometimes the same, not knowing where he was heading but trusting the embrace of the water would place him where he needed to be.

He stopped next to her, “ I love the water, it makes me feel at home somehow”, said George not realising Sophie didn’t hear him before.

She turned and felt scared for a moment, she didn’t know anyone here, why was this man talking to her.

“ I am so sorry if I bothered you, I just like to see people looking at the sea with the same love as I do”, said George trying to put her at ease.

“ No, you didn’t bother me, I am just not used to talking with strangers, everyone here seem to be so friendly…like you all know each other”, answered Sophie taking a deep breath.

“ Yes, you’re right, Bridgehollow is like a huge family…which can be sometimes unusual for an outsider”, said George smiling.

‘Outsider’, she remembered who she really was, she didn’t belong here, how could she…her home was so far away that it was impossible to imagine she could ever get back; her eyes got full of tears, she felt lonely… an outsider.

George noticed the sadness and thought to try to comfort her but then changed his mind…it wasn’t his place to ask questions, she was after all, just a girl passing through. 

Henry was waiting in front of Claire’s Bistro when he saw her walking towards him from afar…his heart started beating faster, strange feelings filled his thoughts and for those few seconds she became his whole focus, his centre of the Universe.

He ordered two of the famous chicken sandwiches and could not stop looking at her for one second…she noticed his complete devotion but decided not to pay too much attention to it. They’ve stayed in silence for a while, when suddenly Henry started talking.

“ So what is your favourite colour?”, he realised it was a silly question but he did not know how to break the ice.

“ I think it’s blue…I am not really sure”, said Sophie little bit confused. She never thought of colours before, everything was a mosaic from where she looked at the world, but she remembered the colour of the sea and the feeling of peace and comfort it gave her.

“ Really, mine too”, said Henry smiling and thinking this was a sign…or was he just hoping for too much in not enough time?!

“ This sandwich tastes really good, thank you for letting me join you for lunch”, said Sophie looking happy.

“ I love coming here since I was little, besides my grandmother’s cooking there is nothing tastier than this”, said Henry lifting up the amazing sandwich like it was a trophy.

“ You’ve said you paint…I sometimes do the same; I love to imagine distant worlds and pretend I am there through my drawings”, she surprised herself saying it, no one ever made her feel so comfortable in sharing things about her life…

“ Then you are in the right place”, said Henry very excited, “ this place is magical, it’s like a different world filled with unimaginable possibilities”.

Did he really know what magic was or what the unknown could make happen?

If she would tell him who she really was, would he believe her or would he run for his life?

But the rules forbid revealing your true self before faith shows you the path…that was what  everyone taught her and she always lived by the rules.

They’ve spent a couple of hours together…Sophie wanted to say who she was so many times, it just sounded so unbelievable in her mind that she was sure Henry will not believe any word, even if his heart had no frontiers and his imagination was always larger than he admitted.

Henry asked if she would still be in town tomorrow as he wanted to see her again, Sophie wasn’t sure what to say, she didn’t really know how this journey of hers will end…

“ I don’t know, maybe…”, she wanted to say more but tomorrow was unknown to her as well.

Secretly they both hoped for another day…he was falling for her but she saw him as a new discovery; Sophie wasn’t any girl, she never felt love, she didn’t know what love was…her destiny was to find it…that was her hidden path; if only she would know…

Henry spent his day thinking about tomorrow, hoping for another encounter with Sophie. She became like a vision, a muse that inspired him…he spent hours painting and didn’t want anyone to see until he was done.

When Joanne saw the portrait, she was lost for words…it was the most beautiful image of an angelic face glowing like a star; she never felt so proud of his work…it was exceptional.

George couldn’t believe his eyes…it was the girl from the pier:

“ I saw her…do you know her Henry?”

“ Yes, I’ve met her today…”, said Henry smiling.

“ She is beautiful…”, said Joanne while noticing a new light in Henry’s eyes.

He didn’t sleep much, every time he closed his eyes, she was there…looking at him, smiling, holding his hand.

In the morning he couldn’t get up fast enough, Joanne knew he will go into town again to try to find her…she was worried he will have his heart-broken for the first time and it’s not easy just to sit back and watch it all happen because there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

Henry took the car and drove into town…

On the way he noticed Sophie walking along the road; for a split second he felt so happy to see her again but then afraid of what might or might not happen today.

“ Hi there Sophie, I am happy to see you again”, said Henry with joy in his voice.

“ Sorry, do I know you?”, answered the girl along the side of the road.

Henry was confused…she was the girl whom he met yesterday, how could she not remember him?!

“ It’s me Henry…”, he tried to make sense of it all.

“ I don’t know who you are, I never saw you before…” she was as confused as him.

Deja vu never seemed real to Henry but he had no explanation to what just happened to him…did he dream it all, was he re-living yesterday, did time stopped and he is just repeating the same day, was this girl suffering from amnesia…questions, questions with possible answers that didn’t make any sense.

No matter what was happening, he decided to play along because he wanted to spend just one more day with her.

“ I am so sorry, I think you look exactly like somebody I know”, said Henry hiding the truth, that was really a secret for him too.

“ That’s fine…I am Sophie”, she knew there was more to it, but she was curious about him.

…and the second day just started again for both of them…what did the future had reserved for them was unknown, somehow mystical…but then again everything that happens in Bridgehollow is somehow unique.