Lentils versus Lentejas:)

‘Me quito el sombrero delante de las cocineras Bea y Tunde, mi primas para esta receta’

In translation everyone, this weeks recipe is not actually mine, it belongs to my lovely cousins Bea and Tunde, who live in Spain and whom I’ve recently had the pleasure to visit.

For many unknown reasons to me, I never succeeded to make a dish that tasted amazing out of lentils; this is the first time when I’ve been thought properly how to make it…yeah I know, you can find billions of recipes online, but you know, it’s not that easy to get the final product as you’ve seen it in a book or a website.

So here it is, the best lentils you will ever taste:)


Ingredients: 1 of each onion, carrot, potato, one chopped tomato,red/yellow pepper, oil, 400 g green whole lentils ( from a jar already cooked or dried and soaked in water from previous day), salt, black pepper, clove garlic, smoked pork sausage.

Method: Add oil to the pan, put in the onions with the chopped potato, carrot, pepper and tomato, sweat them all for 5 minutes,  add the lentils ( with the water they soaked in) covering everything with more water if needed. Add salt, black pepper and garlic to taste.

Put to simmer everything for 20 minutes, even less if lentils are soften enough.

Remember, that the lentils are already softened from the day before or from a jar ready cooked, so they do not need too much cooking.

Fry the smoked pork sausage in a separate pan and add them when serving.

We had them with pickled red cabbage, which is absolutely so so tasty. Serve with freshly baked bread, if possible.

Enjoy, bon appetite:)