‘Counting starts’

“… it is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves” William Shakespeare

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As children we are always told stories about stars, how they are born, what do they represent…tales of forbidden love and untouchable dreams; we bring to life this magical world, where stars become enchanted creatures that can make our deepest wishes come true.

Henry remembered staying up late nights as a young boy, researching the constellations, counting stars, even if his grandmother used to tell him that counting will bring him bad luck, “We never should count the stars, they are so far away for a reason, nothing good can come of it” – she was a women of old traditions, who believed in superstitions and lived her life following ancient rules that protected her from any sudden happenings.

She never used to go out of the house on the 13th, she was afraid when she saw birds because she believed a bird in the house means death, if she ever found a coin, she would turn it heads up as it ‘will bring good luck to the next person’ and so on. She had endless stories about her belief in supernatural causality and sometimes she shared them with Henry.

He was her favourite nephew and the only one who came every summer and spent a whole month with her…taking care of Fluffy, the laziest cat you will ever see, watching the sunset from the porch and listening to the legends of the Silver Woods of Bridgehollow.

Bridgehollow was a small english town near the sea, counting just over 1500 inhabitants; as every community, people here were welcoming, simple in their ways and no matter what happened, someone always knew it would.

Days were not exactly predictable but somehow there was always a clear view of the upcoming events and the certainty that they will become reality.

As the story of the girl who lived at the end of Rustic Hickory Street and went to school each day with the same blue bus, where she met that boy who was secretly in love with her since they were 10…and one day you’ve seen them holding hands and laughing uncontrollably and everyone knew…yes they knew their destiny, they’ve celebrated every small event that eventually brought them to their wedding day…and then you could hear whispers of the clairvoyants “I always knew there’re meant to be”, “it was written in the stars”, “they were made for one another”.

Life seemed to be a beautiful selection of moments that did not take by surprise anyone, as they would be expecting them either way.

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