What’s your ‘something red’?

I was flipping through Vogue this morning while enjoying a hot mocha with a hint of Baileys and I love this year’s trend…full of colour, flowers and birds and most of all, the beautiful polka dots and nautical stripes. I never was, myself, an owner of loads of stripes but what I can say is that you can find a few dots in my wardrobe:)))

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 13_Fotor_Collage

When I’ve said polka dots, I should have mentioned that they never looked better on anything but red!

I saw this dress on http://www.bonprix.co.uk and I think it looks just sweet and might I say ‘very in’ fashion .

So if you like what you see, you should definitely join the “polka dot club”.

2015-02-14 07.28.40-1

The secret power of an elegant red heel!

I love red as you might all know by now, mix and match with everything,  but a pair of classy red shoes doesn’t need anything else, it’s a statement piece on its own.

 Never save the best for later, life it’s too short, so go ahead and find that one thing in your closet that makes you feel special or that out-shines any other fashion piece you own and take it out for a walk:)


That little red dress!

Roses are red, violets are blue…and this red dress it’s just for you:)

You can never go wrong with a red piece, especially if this spring you add a military jacket.

This season it’s not about when can you wear red, it’s more about how you wear it, so be adventures and bold; red is not for everyone but no one will stop you trying it!

PS. Next week more about what’s in this season, some stylish work-wear and how I colour coordinate:)