‘Looking back on style’

Welcome back to this week’s fashion post:)

Today’s piece includes an interesting discovery that sets a trend, we are taking a peek into my colourful wardrobe and guess who’s a girl’s best friend.


While browsing the web and making a few ‘love at first look’  buys, I’ve realised that for a while now, we keep seeing better looking tops or dresses from the back than the front.

I am becoming a fan… lace, bow or a V cut, they all look pretty stylish to me.

Black and white are back this year so take a look in your fashion heaven and bring those pieces to light.

Make sure you turn heads, as the look from behind is called glamour:)

2015-02-08 12.56.11

A girl loves her shoes and bags…and this year it helps if they are green and yellow!

As most of you I can’t keep count of how many bags or shoes I own but there is always place for new additions:))

I love colour and this spring promises to be one full of it like a rainbow. If you already started to renew your wardrobe, bring the sunshine earlier and add vibrant colours, flowers and some birdies to your fashion statement.

2015-02-07 19.34.32

There is nothing more elegant on a woman than a piece of jewellery worn with finesse.

Put on your most expensive piece and look in the mirror…what do you see?

I’ve realised that to look good and feel even better all you need is one thing that brings everything else together, sometimes is the colour of your lipstick; a pair of amazing looking heels; a new bag or an exquisite piece of jewellery.

So open that box on your dresser and do not forget to accessorise:)

PS. Fashion does not have any value if it doesn’t make you feel good!