‘This is not a true story, this is true love’

I went through my movie collection and I did find it extremely hard to decide which one I will share with you first.

But then life always has a way to make decisions for us… and I did not have to think a lot as it’s still winter and love is in the air, so here are my thoughts on one of my favourite love stories out there.

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Director:  Akiva Goldsman

After the novel: Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin

Lead actors: Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly

2014 Drama, Fantasy

” Inside each of us there is a miracle that is meant for one person only and when we found that person, the Universe reaches down and helps us full fill our destiny”

I could tell you a quick summary of the movie but I think that could possibly ruin it for you. This story needs to be lived in our hearts while we are watching it, only then we can appreciate the true meaning behind it.

The movie’s theme is set right from the beginning: “Magic is everywhere around us.”

Watching it so many times, I can now honestly say it became one of my all times favourite, from the ‘Painfully wonderful love stories’ collection.

What is different about it compared to other similar screenplays is how the writers put the couple’s story in perspective with what else is happening around them. Things are not always how they seem…I bet you all heard that so many times; it applies here as from the beginning we don’t really know how it will end, we might think we know but don’t be fooled:)

Peter and Beverly are special as entities and their circumstances makes their story so unique. Peter is an orphan who took the wrong turn in life becoming a thief and working for Pearly, who is a demon as we find out later. Beverly, a young 21 years old ‘terribly beautiful’ girl, dying of consumption, but who’s view on life will change Peter’s whole existence.

As the story reveals itself to us, we realise how we all are connected in this world and that destiny plays a huge role in us finding the true path. There is a line at the beginning, which made me wonder for a moment:

“As we seek the light, darkness gathers and great evil is fought thru time”

Made me think that the light is always followed by darkness and darkness is always killed by light and life is an ongoing battle between the two.

There is a touch of fantasy in the movie, where the link between Peter and Beverly is a magical horse who plays the role of a guide, I like to say he is leading them towards their destiny. The movie has multiple layers, the love story of Peter and Beverly, the eternal fight between good and evil, the story of one’s miracle and destiny and we find out how stars are born.

It’s absolutely beautiful writing:)

One my favourite scenes is when Peter and Beverly meet, the connection between them is undeniable, they fall in love then and there.

Beverly’s little sister Willa plays an important role in how one’s miracle becomes reality, the way that the Sleeping Beauty tale tries to come alive through her eyes is heartbreaking but sets the next chapter of the movie. As the story line flows we discover Peter’s true destiny, which can defeat even time.

In one of the scenes Peter asks Beverly’s father: If it is possible to love somebody so completely that they can’t die?

The answer…you can discover by watching the movie.

Nothing is without purpose…

PS. If I did convince you to watch it, tell me what are your thoughts on the subject:)