Set a trend , be the glamour!

Fashion is not about clothing and make up, style means personality more than anything, be you and make others notice it.

I like to think I have my own style…some people would say I am stylish, but at the end of the day I feel good in my own skin and everyone can see that.

In this post I’ve decided to share with all of you a few little things about fashion, style and what makes me happy when I look in the mirror.


I am not sure if I can say the giraffe print it’s back as I don’t remember it even being in:)

What I can tell you for sure it’s that we all should have one, I mean what’s better than to wear something that makes others smile and not in a ‘make fun way’ but in a genuine put a smile on your face way.

2015-02-07 17.39.03

Go blue or grey just go denim!

That is what everyone is yelling this season and I got to agree with it. I will be perfectly honest with you when I say ‘I have two pairs of denim trousers in my entire wardrobe’ but I am falling back in love with it all over again.

Once, like probably most of you I’ve used to live in my jeans and then gradually they disappeared being replace mainly by loads of dresses. What I can say, I am very feminine after all:)

This years couture promises denim, top to bottom, so it would be unforgiving not to own at least one item.

2015-02-07 16.58.50

The hat trick, as I call it!

I am not a hat ’s person, maybe because I do not really fit the universal size of hats out there, which makes me angry…I mean the makers of these sizes just want to insult you, do they?

Every time you try one on, you feel like you own a pumpkin instead of a head:))

Anyway, I should stop complaining as I was lucky enough to find a fashionable black hat in my size and every time I wear it, I feel ‘tres chic’.

It became one of my trend setting pieces in my wardrobe and I just love it.

PS. Next time more about what’s in, what we should definitely have in between our fashion pieces and one item that I own and would not part with it ever:) 

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